Use The Power of Technology to Transform Your Business

Over 20 years of experience in digital transformation

Our global team includes certified Product Managers, UI/UX designers, Product Architects, Cloud engineers and  Software Engineers who provide services from setting up processes and tools, strategy and product vision to product engineering, cloud management, and support.

We help you define the strategy by taking a design thinking approach, and we leverage ideation sessions, tap into people’s experience to understand their pinpoints for generating process improvements or product ideas. We then take these ideas and, we bake them into a plan and we partner with you on the journey  to deliver on the mission to transform your business.


Data Science

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning

Cloud Services

  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud Migration Services in AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Cloud Infrastructure management
  • Cloud Automation

Product Design

  • Design the user flow
  • Wireframes and High-def UI/UX
  • Engineering Architecture Diagrams
  • Deployment Diagrams
  • Backlog of epics and user stories
  • Roadmap
  • Delivery plan

Product Engineering

  • Agile Development Framework setup
  • Release management
  • iOS and Android mobile development
  • Web Software development
  • Embedded software development
  • Custom eCommerce solutions
  • Canary deployment strategy and AB testing
  • ServiceNow implementation
Group of people meeting with technology. There are marketing, financial and strategy documents on the wooden board room table and on the computers and digital tablets. Multi ethnic group including Caucasian and African American.
  • Strategy and Planning

  • Discovery and Ideation
    • Identify User Personas
    • Design the Journey map
    • Map out the business process
    • Assess the existing infrastructure
  • Digital transformation strategy
    • Identify bottlenecks and opportunities
    • Set-up Goals
    • High-level roadmap
    • Resources and costs estimation

DevOps Services

  • Code Management – GitLab, SonarQube, Xcode
  • Build pipelines – Ant, Gradle, Maven, Xcode
  • CI/CD pipelines – Bitbucket, Git, GitHub, Jenkins
  • Microservices architecture – Amazon ECS, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker
  • QA Automation – Postman, REST Assured, Appium, Selenium, Broserstack
  • Performance Automation – Neoload, JMeter, JRunner,
  • Configuration Management – Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform
  • Monitoring and Security – Splunk, Sentry